What Really Matters

Writing poetry 201. Day #3. Prompt: trust. Form: acrostic. Device: internal rhyming.

Truth be told, we can mold a new world.

Reason is blinded; our sights are clouded.

Unquestioningly, a burden we bear; of hatred, doubt, war and despair.

Stones in our hearts, can turn the still into ripples,

Trust no human, no sign maybe – trust compassion.

4 thoughts on “What Really Matters

  1. Wise words! I’m working on learning to love the whole of the human race at the moment – possibly one person at a time! With love and compassion we could make the world a more wonderful and peaceful place, and I believe that love and compassion, like hatred and greed, are contagious.

    1. So true! Irs humbling to see how it changes you as an individual. Hoping your journey becomes more enrinching!
      Thanks for leaving behind such beautiful thoughts:).

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