Those Several Seconds

Writing 101. Day 8: Death To Adverbs

Every few nights, I look through my window to find a big, yellow moon rising in the sky, and if you could see it too, you would not see it shining upon you but facing you. Like as if someone had plucked the moon from the farthest distance and decided to put it right before you.

Sometimes, it seems to be orange with just a little bit of yellow in it. Sometimes, the other way around. Then, you realise that various hues of yellow and orange form such a mild, dim blend.

Wouldn’t that catch your sight for, maybe, even just a moment?

At times, when you could use a reminder or, maybe, when you would like an added bonus, that moment stretches into a vacuum.

The white and grey moon is now orangy with scars hinting the lightest shade of brown. One dark cloud, wanting your attention, glides past between you and the moon. You like how the wind grazes you and sways the tall trees. Those hopping stars that fall in a wide, rough circle every night, you look overhead, and give them a little wink. But in the end, those trees, clouds, stars, buildings, sky and your thoughts become a silhouette against it.

Until the moon rises up and up, and little by little, as it takes it’s usual place in the middle of the circle, it returns to being what it was- white and grey, and distant.

If your lucky, on some nights, the colours never fade.

I have seen beauty and a few of it’s manifestations, I do remember.

The sunset at ESI. The carpet of pink flowers underneath and around the trees at Hussainsagar during spring.The beach. Doves. The night flight, when I was not looking up the stars but seemed like as if I was among them. Hamza Ali Abbasi! But nothing beats those several seconds with the yellow moon.

I know a little science and I know it’s something to do with the scattering of light. But I did come across many explanations like – it ate too many aliens and is about to puke, it is angry that we crashed rockets on it and so on.

I could know exactly when there would be a yellow moon, but there is something about looking up in the sky and being surprised.

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