Untold#2 : Public Transport

I bought a scooty almost a year ago. Why? Let's just say it was an itch that I had to scratch.  It's of a pretty blue colour and is pretty old and pretty reliable. I like it so much that I named it. But that's not important now. Now, I don't have to travel by … Continue reading Untold#2 : Public Transport

Untold#1 : Diary

I love to write in a diary. Loved it perhaps. My diaries were never fancy, maybe because I could never afford one. It was I think 2015 when I decided not to write every day religiously. I threw away all my previous diaries. Frankly speaking, I would have liked to burn them at that point … Continue reading Untold#1 : Diary

Letter Three

Writing 10: Day 5: Brevity April 10, 2015 To, Whom It May Concern. I found a letter today by my grandfather to my mother. In the same place, I wanted to leave a letter for my daughter. I asked of her what Nana had asked of Ammi- to read from the Quran that Nana had … Continue reading Letter Three