Snapshots: A Dream

I have always wondered what dreams are; and there have always been many answers. From imagination to alternate dimension, I have heard and understood a lot of explanations. I still remain dissatisfied though. I often find myself coming back to what my grandmother told me about them. When I was a little girl, I felt … Continue reading Snapshots: A Dream

The White Flower – R.K. Narayan

“It’s often said that God made man in His own image, it’s also true that man makes God in his own image.”R.K. Narayan This is such a tiny short story and pretty straight-forward. Therefore, being so it is really only about how Gods and celestial bodies thwart all possibilities of a boy getting married to … Continue reading The White Flower – R.K. Narayan

She Used to Say….

via Daily Prompt: Surreal Rumaina used to say, “A lot is invisible; that doesn’t mean they aren’t perceivable.” It always took Merve a while understand exactly understand her words and the intent behind them. Most often, the understanding would come to her gradually; there wasn’t any ‘eureka’ moment as such. She would see the truth … Continue reading She Used to Say….