Short Story Collection


I am writting a short story collection on Wattpad. I have the blurb and cover here, but for the story(for the first chapter, to be precise) follow the link below. Thank you!!






One man believes its his destiny to wander. He has only a necklace to call his own. The silver chain is how it all begins and the assorted tiny objects he strung on the chain are beads to him…. his story beads.

He has no name. Long time ago, some people called him Shikoh but that was all false. His job, his purpose, his dream, his goal is to collect beads. He can tell you funny, happy, sad or magical stories of his travels, his misfortunes, his lucky flukes but he would only tell you these 20 stories.

A homeless man with a home, a dancer so innocent, a killer with a soul… 20 beads of 20 stories. They are important. Someone has to listen to them, remember them. Will you?

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