#Save KBR

The KBR National Park, located in Jubilee Hills, is not only a jogger’s paradise but is also a sanctuary for wildlife, native plants and trees that cannot be restored if lost. This is not the first time that the Government has tried to disrupt this National asset. In 2016, the High Court had dismissed the project.


Citizen’s Rally on December 23, 2018. Source


However, on October 30, 2018, the Government of Telangana had released a draft notification that proposed to reduce the walkway by atleast 30 meters to construct an unnecessary flyover. If the project is sanctioned then around 3100 plants and trees will be lost, some of which are as old as 1900 years. Source

Environmentalists had been vehemently protesting this with rallies and online petitions. Due to which the proposal has been put on a stay. However, GHMC is known to work its way around. In 2015, the proposal was issued to preserve KBR and according to which the flyover project should have been scrapped and GHMC was to declare KBR as an eco-sensitized area. It choose to wait on the proposal for 545 days as it had not gotten any objections in the stipulated 60 day period.

Therefore, it is important that citizens continue to volunteer and protest the project. The online petition has received only 11,000 signs while it is estimated that 40 lakhs citizen would like the project to be scrapped. Following is the link that citizens can use to contribute and have their voice heard.


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