Book Review: The Winner’s Curse

  It's been exactly a year since my previous book review. A fine coincidence. So, I thought I would resume reviewing books with the book that prompted me to begin in the first place. PRELUDE: The Winner's Curse is the first book of a fantasy, young-adult trilogy written by an American professor of literature Marie … Continue reading Book Review: The Winner’s Curse

All Things Literature

Once upon a time, in a world not so far away, under the watchful gaze of his tutor a bored little boy thought, “I wish this book had some conversations or pictures…” Somewhere else in the same world, a writer looked up from his writing to look at a bored little with a book in … Continue reading All Things Literature

A Champion For Nobody

A hundred days of glory A bright white stead None shall come to thee But pain and agony   You will be defeated By those you save Your reward would be shame Your hope will be cheated Again   Your purpose will be beaten down Your intentions - misunderstood For you, there is no brotherhood … Continue reading A Champion For Nobody

Snapshots: A Lot, Much Less and Nothing

That day I lived in degrees and it seemed in those moments to be like a pendulum: swinging from a lot, then to much less and then nothing. I was hoping I would feel the degrees all over again. But the pendulum stopped swinging as she left. That day, I meet a friend, happy but … Continue reading Snapshots: A Lot, Much Less and Nothing

She Used to Say….

Rumaina used to say, “A lot is invisible; that doesn’t mean they aren’t perceivable.” It always took Merve a while understand exactly understand her words and the intent behind them. Most often, the understanding would come to her gradually; there wasn’t any ‘eureka’ moment as such. She would see the truth of Rumaina’s words stitched … Continue reading She Used to Say….

Breathing Underwater

...I am walking into the sea. Salty air. Grainy earth. Heat. I breathed it all in for one last time and let the coolness of water take me in, bit by bit. Feet. Legs...a wave of relaxation travels from my legs to my mind, making the water more inviting. Thighs. Hips. I swirl my fingers … Continue reading Breathing Underwater

The Rising Moon

The Twilight is darkening... Round, big and bright- It rises up in the sky. The moon spreads Its silvery shadows Over the lake, the clouds, The trees and the meadows. The midnight is descending... Round, smaller but bright- It finds its place in the sky ~KB

Book Review: Maharani by Ruskin Bond

You might find it quite odd for a literature enthusiast that I was and now a literature student, to be discovering Ruskin Bond just now. I am surprised too. No one recommended this book to me and I did not randomly pick it up from anywhere. One very stressful day, I found myself in a … Continue reading Book Review: Maharani by Ruskin Bond

SnapShots: A Little Man, Hundred Rupees and The Conductor

Public Transport. Bus, to be specific. It's a world of its own. Ofcourse, if you haven't travelled in a bus you have no idea what I am talking about. Let me explain. You are bound to meet two kinds of people on a bus. The first kind forget the rest of the world the moment … Continue reading SnapShots: A Little Man, Hundred Rupees and The Conductor

SnapShots: Of Pebbles and Puzzles

It has to be 2 a.m and you gotta be really sleepless to have such deep thoughts... CAUTION: Reading any further might cause side-effects like self-absorption, absent mindedness, sadness, anxiety, dramatic mood swings or silent tears depending on the degree of relatability you feel with the following text. It might compel you to listen to … Continue reading SnapShots: Of Pebbles and Puzzles