(SnapShots) pt 1 -The Judge, his Wife and the Spade

The judge, his wife and the spade... It was sunny all day. Now, the clouds are gathering, for rain or for thunderstorm, it's hard to tell. The weather is always erratic in this little town of Bhijori. Erratic and intense. Idrees is standing in his outhouse, his glance and thoughts flicking between the clouds, the … Continue reading (SnapShots) pt 1 -The Judge, his Wife and the Spade

(Reblog)Crimes against Humanity and the Israel-Palestine Conflict — Born Outside the Box

Source: Global Research By Julian Rose May 29, 2018 For decades Palestinians have lived on the edge of annihilation, their homeland steadily annexed until just a slither of the original remains. It’s a story that just won’t go away, even for those thousands of miles away, who try to cover their ears and eyes from … Continue reading (Reblog)Crimes against Humanity and the Israel-Palestine Conflict — Born Outside the Box

(VoxSpace Life) An Open Letter To The Good Person Out There

The theory of goodness is like a determined arrow going straight for the bull’s eye. However, practically, it is a very complicated story. Perhaps, a story of the constant struggle. So how is that a good person should survive in this world?   Follow the link -- http://www.voxspace.in/2018/05/02/good-person/

(Voxspace)Book Review: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness is dedicated “to the unconsoled”, but it is about the “unconsoled” and for the ignorant (both intentional and unintentional) and deluded. It shows us that we are as good as our reality, which fortunately or unfortunately, we create in our minds. Follow the link: http://www.voxspace.in/2018/05/15/ministry-of-utmost-happiness/

Your Heart…

<a href="http://Daily Prompt: Bubble">P It is the hearts wherein Lies a merit, a spirit and the light of tomorrow But yours is barren Rotten, blind and full of sorrow Travelling roads that lead nowhere Speaking words with no care Drawing on truth a veil after a veil Soon your gimmicks will go stale In your … Continue reading Your Heart…

[VoxSpace] The “Second Chance”: The Story Of Hyderabad Based NGO Which Provides Shelter To The Unfortunate

The Second Chance is a Hyderabad-based NGO that rescues and rehabilitates destitute and homeless people. Founded by Jasper Paul, it has changed the lives of many old people. Follow the link--http://www.voxspace.in/2018/04/21/the-second-chance/

[VoxSpace] Legacy Of A Rape – The Fear, Silence And Consequences Of An Age Old Crime

Why does rape invoke an indescribable feeling of fear in women? That feeling is due to the helplessness of the moment, the helplessness of not being able to do something, the helplessness and fear of not being heard and believed. Follow the link--http://www.voxspace.in/2018/04/16/fear-rape-silence

(Reblog) Rohingya Refugees Falling Prey to Sex Trafficking

If I were to die tomorrow…

via Daily Prompt: Glimmer If not to shine, I wish to Glimmer If I were to die tomorrow That's the favour I would borrow If not a famed legacy Then write in destiny to my name, a word of truth If death is to dawn Before I make eternal bonds Let me erase hearts off … Continue reading If I were to die tomorrow…

SnapShots: Race cars, Caffè and Cards

<a href="http://Luminescent" target="_blank">Daily promptvia Daily Prompt: Luminescent June 1955, Italy Michaelangelo Calavanti rolled his eyes at the slow-paced dusk. It seemed to him that the fervor of the race had bitten dusk and made it an eager audience as well. Just as the townspeople of Castello Calavanti. The cook, his eyes glued to the telly, garnished his pasta … Continue reading SnapShots: Race cars, Caffè and Cards