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Once upon a time, in a world not so far away, under the watchful gaze of his tutor a bored little boy thought, “I wish this book had some conversations or pictures…”
Somewhere else in the same world, a writer looked up from his writing to look at a bored little with a book in his hand and wondered, “why does the boy only stare at his story book and not smile?”
That is probably how Children’s Fiction came to be as we know it today! From growing out of stories speckled with moral instructions to exploring themes of War, God and Love  from a child’s perspective—Children’s Fiction has come a long way. However, young adults who are growing up and exploring in terms of both their life and reading tastes might not appreciate it entirely. But let us remind ourselves of the wonderful aspects of children’s stories like happiness, hope, innocence and joy of being surprised will get one to appreciate what they have forgotten.
Yes, young adults are foraying into all that romantic, thrilling, suspenseful and science-fictional, having left that territory of elves, scary aunts, chocolate lands and secret doors behind. Surely, Three Little Piggies probably mean hot strips of bacon now and The Famous Five ( Enid Blyton) have long been replaced by Maroon 5.
However, if you wish you had a fairy godmother everytime you were late to submit an assignment or still hope Hogwards was real, then let’s rediscover all that wonder, shall we?
Lemony Snicket (Series of Unfortunate Events) said, “miracles are like pimples, because once you start looking for them, you find more than you ever dreamed you’d see.”
This is he kind of wisdom soaked in unbridled humour one can expect to find in Children’s Fiction. Characters like Gandalf (Lord of the Rings), Dumbledore (Harry Potter) and Charlotte (Charlotte’s Web) have prompted readers to think and have probably contributed to their sense of humour too.
Another wonderful element of Children’s Fiction is its unseen and unheard characters, i.e., Oompa Loompas, Horton, The Grinch to name a few. They are designed to amuse and entertain children and adults alike. And come to think of it, would Khaleesi have her three dragons if it wasn’t for the unique imagination concocted for Children’s Fiction?
It tickles the imagination with not just unthought-of creatures but also by weaving magic in all that is ordinary. Could a looking glass be a portal? (Alice in Wonderland) Can carpets fly? (Aladin) Can animals talk?
Yes! Magic can be found within pages of children’s stories, only if one is willing to embrace it. If not the magic then one might find it easier to embrace the sheer simplicity in it.

The story can be uncomplicated but it remains to breath a fresh perspective into our notions and ideas. For instance, when Ronald Dahl had Matilda conquer her terrible principal Trunchbull and showed us the power of intellect above all else.
Children’s Fiction is filled with instances when someone did the right thing, when someone choose to be kind and courageous, and telling us that just like the writer who decided to look from a child’s perspective and ended up putting smiles on children’s faces, anyone too with a dash of humor, pinch of imagination and all the right kind of intentions can live their happily ever after.
So let’s write another story, shall we?
Once upon a time, in a mysterious land filled with weird life forms, there was a being stuck between what it knows and what it knows not, but then…

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