I once met a man
He was a reciter of poetry
A teller of stories

Dresses in a vest, and a plain shirt
His copper hair rests on his shoulders
He often spoke to your soul

I didn’t like him
He loved free air and open sky
I stayed in a closed room all my life

What did I do wrong?
You stay in a room to study
You work on a lonely bare desk for money

Then I saw his shoe so torn
And the fence around my mind
Lay on the ground undone

I left in a haste
Painted stars on the roof of my room
Put flowers on my desk and
Pictures of my husband as my groom
And I his bride.


13 thoughts on “Fence

  1. This isn’t spam. I swear.

    I’ve nominated you for a bloggers recognition award on my latest blog post: https://ramblingkori.wordpress.com/2016/08/11/the-blogger-recognition-award/.

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    1. Umm..Hi!
      I am so happy you thought of my blog for the nomination. I want to accept the award but I don’t want to do all those five things. So, I am not accepting the award but I can’t stress this enough, your appreciation means a lot to me, it really does. And thank you so much!!

    1. lol I wonder..
      I don’t know may be it’s like how tweed jackets with elbow patches are a teacher’s thing.
      What did you think of the poem? Any tips?
      I am asking because you are an established poet and I am a novice….

      1. I’m also a novice, but I like your poem it had good imagery. Plus, I like how you set it up like you were into that guy at first by describing his vest and his hair; then, you flipped it and said you didn’t like him. Then you finished in some sort of mysterious state. It was a good story.

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