Untold#2 : Public Transport

I bought a scooty almost a year ago. Why? Let's just say it was an itch that I had to scratch.  It's of a pretty blue colour and is pretty old and pretty reliable. I like it so much that I named it. But that's not important now. Now, I don't have to travel by … Continue reading Untold#2 : Public Transport

Untold#1 : Diary

I love to write in a diary. Loved it perhaps. My diaries were never fancy, maybe because I could never afford one. It was I think 2015 when I decided not to write every day religiously. I threw away all my previous diaries. Frankly speaking, I would have liked to burn them at that point … Continue reading Untold#1 : Diary

This Election May the Best Jumlebaaz Win!

Jumblebaazi:  The new method of rhetoric, best known for its characteristic pomposity, insincerity, hyperbolic ridicule, sarcastic expressions and distortion\invention of facts, used in recent Indian politics, that aims to indulge voters in a layered mockery or loop of false promises while maintaining a guise of informing and engaging in a sensible political discourse.   Let's just … Continue reading This Election May the Best Jumlebaaz Win!