SnapShots: To My Bully

We have all known bullies; either we have seen them, met them or had the unpleasant experience of being bullied by them. But I have befriended One. Dear Bully, When I first met you, it was the first day of school. I smiled at you because that's a nice thing to do. You smiled back … Continue reading SnapShots: To My Bully

Snapshots: Another Morning, A Smiley and The Ticking Clock

7:15 am. Nadia knew she couldn't hit snooze anymore. But she hit it anyway. "Last 5 minutes. I won't take a bath" 7:35 am. Officially late. May be too late even. She snapped her eyes open. She "dismissed" the alarm and slapped her phone screen-down on the pillow with frustration. With some strength from her … Continue reading Snapshots: Another Morning, A Smiley and The Ticking Clock

Snapshots: You Could Have Saved Us

The last sun of summer was about to set. Abr- The Silent One, cursed the translucent moon.  A wild gust of warm wind swept her red, shiny hair away from her brows. She sensed footsteps behind her and knew who had arrived. “The Bearers had anticipated an end like this…” I heard Abr say that … Continue reading Snapshots: You Could Have Saved Us

A Book, An Author, The Sadness

"This event is gonna be so great. I will be signing away books to people all day. They will ask me questions, wait in line just to let me know that they loved his book..."  She wondered if this were his first thoughts in the morning today. Then she realised that  not everyone thinks wishfully … Continue reading A Book, An Author, The Sadness

Snapshots: The Guy, The Girl and The Knife

The following is a prompt by Niel d'Silva on the FB group For Writers, By Authors--   A woman is bound with ropes at the wrists and ankles. There is a gag in her mouth. She is in a room she has never seen before and does not know of any exits. Her captor is … Continue reading Snapshots: The Guy, The Girl and The Knife


In the closets of my conscience And in the pits of my mind I have locked away a few regrets And I have buried a few fears Well, I have written shittier poems, so this one doesn't seem so bad. Poems are the dark craters of my moon. It's not their fault. I will never … Continue reading Nadia

First Job

Srikanth was from a "middle-class", humble home. His mom cooked and took care of the house. They lived in a rented apartment. His dad owned a Kirana shop on the ground floor of the same building. He also had a younger sister who was better at studies than he was at her age. He studied … Continue reading First Job

(SnapShots) Fingers

Writing 201: Poetry. Prompt - fingers. Form - prose poem. Device - Assonance. FINGERS It was just before midnight. I was reading Alice In Wonderland. My eyes felt like an elastic band stretched too long. I was putting my tab away when a reflection caught my eye. Shimmering on it's black screen was the street … Continue reading (SnapShots) Fingers

(SnapShots) The Day He Lied To Me

I have two kids. Two Boys. A 6-yr-old and a 4-yr-old. Surely, they have cute habits and adorable things to say. They are such angels, you know..... ..well, until they are not. You know what I am talking about. Don't judge me. Some days they want to play little longer. Sometimes they realise that the … Continue reading (SnapShots) The Day He Lied To Me

Angels and Feathers

Somewhere not too far away, a boy had a wish. And like all other kids in the Land, his wish was to fly. Day and night they tired, but in vain. They gathered the grass, sometimes the leaves. Never really knowing if that is what they need. The Supreme One of the Land,when found them … Continue reading Angels and Feathers