Between 1:30 and 2:30 pm

Prompt by The Blog Propellant: Creative Nonfictional Fiction: Let's Play I get the worst seat in an examination hall. Ever since school. From having to sit beside people I so dearly dislike to being cramped in seats on which I feel like  a giant. The desks are  as uneven as the Indian roads ( No … Continue reading Between 1:30 and 2:30 pm

One Half Of A Pair Of Scissors

Occupy Daily Promt : Word Association #1 "Could you get me some Aloe Vera?...", said Shabana massaging the itchy, blackened skin of her shin. Fariha  turned on her heels way too soon. She was half way towards the terrace when the rest of her mother's request had caught up with her which she had, probably, … Continue reading One Half Of A Pair Of Scissors

Those Several Seconds

Writing 101. Day 8: Death To Adverbs Every few nights, I look through my window to find a big, yellow moon rising in the sky, and if you could see it too, you would not see it shining upon you but facing you. Like as if someone had plucked the moon from the farthest distance … Continue reading Those Several Seconds


Occupy Daily Prompt: Quote Prompt#2 Dreams, desires, ideas, anger, jealousy- nothing puts a heart on fire like regrets. Chand, now an old, weak man, had the rest of his days to spend with such regrets. While growing up, he had loving parents and too many younger brothers. His mother was a housemaid and was always … Continue reading Chand

Letter One

May 19, 2015 To, Whom It May Concern When will we stop controlling. When will we let something be bigger than us. I am not talkiing about sacrifice. I am talking about being self-centered and obstinate; and the repercussions we allow when it doesnt go according to us. Winds and clouds, sun and moon, and … Continue reading Letter One

Unexpected Celebration

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. Write about an unexpected celebration. From the land that is witness to millions and millions of real tragic stories, comes this fake one..... " Ehlaam, you are the noor (light) of my eyes..." " But Babba it's 3 days … Continue reading Unexpected Celebration

A Day without my Cellphone – A Day without Air

I woke up to the most lonely and emotionally devastating day of my life. The first thing I do when I open my eyes is grab my phone. It's safe to say that I believe it's an extension of my hand, and a very cool extension at that. However, this morning it was gone. My … Continue reading A Day without my Cellphone – A Day without Air

Her Smile

Aiz had to throw himself out of the bus. He heard the driver make a scornful remark which was followed by the giggles and laughs of his bus-mate bullies. He fell on his right leg and sat there trying to push back his tears. He thought may be he should say about the bullies and … Continue reading Her Smile