TRANSLATION (rough & not literal) S: The story of love has rendered my heart dead The rights have become wrong And the abominable are validated - all in the name of love K: The flower of love does come with a lot of thorns God would take it upon himself to relieve of their pain … Continue reading Dastaan-e-ulfat

Your Heart…

<a href="http://Daily Prompt: Bubble">P It is the hearts wherein Lies a merit, a spirit and the light of tomorrow But yours is barren Rotten, blind and full of sorrow Travelling roads that lead nowhere Speaking words with no care Drawing on truth a veil after a veil Soon your gimmicks will go stale In your … Continue reading Your Heart…

If I were to die tomorrow…

via Daily Prompt: Glimmer If not to shine, I wish to Glimmer If I were to die tomorrow That's the favour I would borrow If not a famed legacy Then write in destiny to my name, a word of truth If death is to dawn Before I make eternal bonds Let me erase hearts off … Continue reading If I were to die tomorrow…

A Champion For Nobody

A hundred days of glory A bright white stead None shall come to thee But pain and agony   You will be defeated By those you save Your reward would be shame Your hope will be cheated Again   Your purpose will be beaten down Your intentions - misunderstood For you, there is no brotherhood … Continue reading A Champion For Nobody

The Rising Moon

via Daily Prompt: Delivery The Twilight is darkening... Round, big and bright- It rises up in the sky. The moon spreads Its silvery shadows Over the lake, the clouds, The trees and the meadows. The midnight is descending... Round, smaller but bright- It finds its place in the sky ~KB


Daily Post Prompt: Fence I once met a man He was a reciter of poetry A teller of stories Dresses in a vest, and a plain shirt His copper hair rests on his shoulders He often spoke to your soul I didn't like him He loved free air and open sky I stayed in a … Continue reading Fence

(SnapShots) Fingers

Writing 201: Poetry. Prompt - fingers. Form - prose poem. Device - Assonance. FINGERS It was just before midnight. I was reading Alice In Wonderland. My eyes felt like an elastic band stretched too long. I was putting my tab away when a reflection caught my eye. Shimmering on it's black screen was the street … Continue reading (SnapShots) Fingers

What Really Matters

Wriiting poetry 201. Day #3. Prompt: trust. Form: acrostic. Device: internal rhyming. Truth be told, we can mold a new world. Reason is blinded; our sights are clouded. Unquestioningly, a burden we bear; of hatred, doubt, war and despair. Stones in our hearts, can turn the still into ripples, Trust no human, no sign maybe … Continue reading What Really Matters

The Day Has Not End Yet

The day has not yet end The tide has toughened My will has resigned But still... Hope warms my heart The day has not end yet The river seems to be wide Justifies my logical mind But still... Faith brightens my heart The dark shadows turn into a whisper But asks the conscience not to … Continue reading The Day Has Not End Yet

Feeling bleh ( v_v )

The world with all it's might Is still sketchy and volatile The mind with all it's power Is still a cage and I it's prisoner If strength is what we need We have got it indeed Yet, as the days pass I become lonelier And the world gets messier