Your Heart…

<a href="http://Daily Prompt: Bubble">P It is the hearts wherein Lies a merit, a spirit and the light of tomorrow But yours is barren Rotten, blind and full of sorrow Travelling roads that lead nowhere Speaking words with no care Drawing on truth a veil after a veil Soon your gimmicks will go stale In your … Continue reading Your Heart…

[VoxSpace] The “Second Chance”: The Story Of Hyderabad Based NGO Which Provides Shelter To The Unfortunate

The Second Chance is a Hyderabad-based NGO that rescues and rehabilitates destitute and homeless people. Founded by Jasper Paul, it has changed the lives of many old people. Follow the link--

[VoxSpace] Legacy Of A Rape – The Fear, Silence And Consequences Of An Age Old Crime

Why does rape invoke an indescribable feeling of fear in women? That feeling is due to the helplessness of the moment, the helplessness of not being able to do something, the helplessness and fear of not being heard and believed. Follow the link--

(Reblog) Rohingya Refugees Falling Prey to Sex Trafficking

If I were to die tomorrow…

via Daily Prompt: Glimmer If not to shine, I wish to Glimmer If I were to die tomorrow That's the favour I would borrow If not a famed legacy Then write in destiny to my name, a word of truth If death is to dawn Before I make eternal bonds Let me erase hearts off … Continue reading If I were to die tomorrow…

SnapShots: Race cars, Caffè and Cards

<a href="http://Luminescent" target="_blank">Daily promptvia Daily Prompt: Luminescent June 1955, Italy Michaelangelo Calavanti rolled his eyes at the slow-paced dusk. It seemed to him that the fervor of the race had bitten dusk and made it an eager audience as well. Just as the townspeople of Castello Calavanti. The cook, his eyes glued to the telly, garnished his pasta … Continue reading SnapShots: Race cars, Caffè and Cards

Liebster Award 2018

Hello people!! I am nominated for the Liebster Award!!! As much as I am happy and glad about it, the questions I wish I didn't have to answer. I think I already talk a lot about myself here. But we have go ahead with it I guess. Oh I almost forget! I was nominated by … Continue reading Liebster Award 2018

Book Review: The Winner’s Curse

It's been exactly a year since my previous book review. A fine coincidence. So, I thought I would resume reviewing books with the book that prompted me to begin in the first place. PRELUDE: The Winner's Curse is the first book of a fantasy, young-adult trilogy written by an American professor of literature Marie Rutkoski. … Continue reading Book Review: The Winner’s Curse

All Things Literature Once upon a time, in a world not so far away, under the watchful gaze of his tutor a bored little boy thought, “I wish this book had some conversations or pictures…” Somewhere else in the same world, a writer looked up from his writing to look at a bored little with a book … Continue reading All Things Literature

A Champion For Nobody

A hundred days of glory A bright white stead None shall come to thee But pain and agony   You will be defeated By those you save Your reward would be shame Your hope will be cheated Again   Your purpose will be beaten down Your intentions - misunderstood For you, there is no brotherhood … Continue reading A Champion For Nobody