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Khadija Begum. That's my name and nobody ever gets it right. Kadija, kadia, khalega are some of the common mistakes. Khatija is the closest people come to the right pronounciation. While Begum means lady (contrary to the popular belief that it means wife...), I have no idea what Khadija means. Google says it's premature baby.

So...yeah. Hi folks. This is Premature baby Lady from Hyderabad-the City of Pearls, biryani, IT, Nizams, care-free miya bhais with king size hearts and procrastinators!

I am 21. Female and a Muslim. Indian too. I love to write, eat, read, blog and learn new stuff.

Most of my likes and dislikes keeps changing, as seasons do. There was once a season when I liked blue. Now I have a thing for purple. I played piano until one fine day my fingers decided to become stiff and developed a mind of their own.

But some things I am sure will never change. For instance, my utmost hatred for peanuts or anything that is dry, sticks to the teeth and has only proteins. My lust for the internet. My dislike for reptiles (lizards in particular). My passion for chicken and its eggs.

I dont like heels..even the tiny ones. And they dont like me either. They bite me and make sure I fall. I have abused them, harassed them and even bought death to some.
Cant stand make up either. Hate to shop... so,  by my mom's standards I am a guy. And this next might shock you. But you gots2no. Music, sports, tv series (anime & k-drama included), movies are at the very periphery of my life. Now you may gasp and clutch your chest.

I wish to continue writing all my life. Keep getting better at it and keep growing as a reader. Nothing makes much sense to me but literature. Although, I do miss physics and biochemistry. I am as happy as I can be when I am alone. Other stuff like revenge, love, unexpected help, control, icecream, money, watching things fall into place, cold breeze, observing patterns also make me happy.

Besides that,  people who instantly get my name right and like, share, follow or comment on my blog too make me veerrryy happyyyy;);):):)

So in a nutshell, this  slightly goofy, narcissist, socially challenged, very curious, way too sensitive person is all set to blog.

Hope you have as much fun!



19 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Your site says unruly but you certainly my don’t seem that way to me lol!

    Btw, just curious, did you write the poem and draw the doodle? You got some good stuff going on here bud!


    1. Well, there a few things I have not mentioned here. For instance, as of now I have about 4 dirty plates on my side table and maybe 3 more and a bowl under my bed. They have been like that for 15 days. When my mom notices the missing bowl and plates, I will be given the scolding of a lifetime. Also, I haven’t brushed today.
      Hope I am looking unruly enough now.:p:P;)

      Yes, I did. Thanks really for leaving such encouraging comments. I appreciate it.

      1. Lol I’m pretty sure you’d change that side of you in the future. After all, it’s a fact that we all can’t depend on our parents forever since they’d be gone one day.

        When the time comes, well, y’know what you gotta do. It’s a nice thing to know that you still have your mother around for everything and it isn’t wrong to seize and cherish these moments like how you are doing now (In my opinion anyway lol!).

        You know what’s best for you and your family so live it the way you know how 😉

        Your friend,

        1. Well, time changes us even when we don’t want to. It is the greatest of blessings to have your parents around. Even if I were disciplined, I don’t think I would have not needed them or I would ever stop needing them.

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