Ain’t Nothing Creative In Here

CAUTION: As the tittle suggests, this has absolutely nothing meaningful. Also, it’s completely disoriented. So, Proceed At Your Own Risk! 

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what I should be writing about.

A super-ambitious, easily excited, supremely irrational friend of mine believes that I am a good writer, which I don’t know how far is true. In Fact, all she ever read was these four lines

My teacher wears a hat

 I don’t like to be in his class

On a completely different note

Can fishes float???

That can easily be considered as a piece of crap but good writing!…If that’s good writing then PitBull deserves the Booker’s Award.

Well, I told you she’s crazy and it was her crazy idea that I should write down something daily to stay in practice, gain high command over the english language, improve my writing skills and one fine day become the most popular/loved writer to have ever walked upon this earth since the pre-cambrian times.

Now, just may be, I could understand semi colon(;) as a punctuation mark or know the difference between a hyphen(-) and a dash(-) but me as the most loved/popular writer is like saying Lalu Prasad Yadav is a self less, kind, non-corrupt person and a non-somrasi- a joke!

I am pretty amazed that you have come so far reading this. You can always switch to another blog, you know.

Soo….what should I write about?

May be something philosophical?

-To be frank my philosophies are as complicated as a tongue twisters. Infact, mine are head twisters.

May be about our holly/bolly celebrities?

-That’s sexy but not enough gossip might be left afterwards for the newspapers and news channels to run their business.

How about my college life?

-Well, it’s a million times complicated as my philosophies and boring too.

I could write about my political views?

But people would most certainly prefer Rakhi Sawant’s autobiography over something that has anything to with my political views.

How about I try my hand at poems?                                                                                                    Most definitely, I will write the finest bad poems. C’mon who am I kidding! A 10 year old will have a better vocabulary than me.

My last option, I can scribble some tips on how to be a writer…

 -Me giving tips on this is like Tiger Woods giving tips on how to be a loyal husband.

Why can I come with something. May be it’s my destiny to forever dwell in this darkness of utter stupidity. But you, my dear, had a choice. I warned you and suggested it too but you had to waste your time reading this. So curiouser! Now that you haven’t found anything to educate or enlighten yourself or as a matter of fact, even tickle your funny bone, don’t you think it’s time you moved on to a better informative or amusing blog…

Because seriously dude/dudette AIN’T NOTHING CREATIVE IN HERE….now disappear!!

6 thoughts on “Ain’t Nothing Creative In Here

  1. Hahaha, surely there’s nothing creative in it. But this supposedly meaningless article arouse some meaning in my mind. We are so selfish to always seek something innovative or informative when we read people. Its always about educating ourselves, not about knowing the state of mind of the writer 😀 This curiosity would have drove all the readers to read this thing to the end.
    But see, there’s some meaning in the meaningless too. 🙂

  2. You have perfectly embraced a post about nothingness, which ain’t nothing…meaning it’s something, but perhaps not everything.

  3. Loved it! Telling me to switch to another blog is a bit like telling me not to do something. What do you think’s going to be the first thing I do?

    1. Exactly what I would do. Do you know I have a craving for donuts today, and that’s because the bakery is closed and I absolutely can not have it today.

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